We all deserve the chance to achieve our personal best and to share our strengths and passions with the world, regardless of the way we are wired.

If you are struggling with an attention disorder and all that goes with it, whether in yourself or in a loved one, coaching can give you a new focus and help move you from where you are to where you want to be.

New Focus Coaching: Bringing your best into focus.

Motivation · Organization · Planning · Awareness · Action

How It Works

A Coaching Roadmap

What is AD/HD coaching?

AD/HD coaching will help you better understand your learning style and identify the approaches and systems that work best for you. We begin by exploring and honoring your passions, strengths and talents. From there, we develop new skills and strategies that compensate for your areas of difficulty. Coaching is offered in person, by phone or by Skype.

How does coaching work?

Coaching is an "alliance" between client and coach. My role is to listen without judgment, heighten your self-awareness, introduce new strategies and inspire action toward the achievement of your goals. Your role is to be prepared, communicate honestly, stretch and accept challenges — all at a comfortable pace, within a safe and confidential environment.

What is the process?

First, we'll assemble a complete picture of your personal history, difficulties faced and learning style. Then we will identify measurable goals and create a custom program just for you. During weekly sessions we will review and acknowledge your accomplishments. I will provide feedback, help you tackle roadblocks and set manageable goals for the week ahead.

Who Benefits

Coaching helps those living with AD/HD


Get organized. Use a planning system. Take better notes. Improve study skills and test-taking strategies.

Learn to self-motivate and be accountable. Understand time distortion and management.

Boost memory, deal with distraction and overwhelm. Make smart choices. Improve self-esteem.



Learn to prioritize, plan and schedule. Get organized. Turn off the inner critic. Step out of your comfort zone.

Understand time distortion and plan for procrastination. Boost memory and learn coping strategies.

Make important life transitions. Educate others about AD/HD.



Make daily life more pleasant and productive. Establish reasonable expectations, limits and rewards.

Maximize your role as your child's advocate. Address opposing parenting styles.

Get organized and let go of stress. Foster independence. Inspire and lead your child.


Coaching Works!

A two-year ADHD coaching research study published in 2010 by the Edge Foundation linked ADHD coaching to improved executive functioning and improved success in school for students. The study showed that students receiving coaching, "…showed significant improvement in their ability to organize, direct and manage cognitive activities, emotional responses and overt behaviors. They were able to formulate goals more realistically and consistently work toward achieving them, manage their time more effectively, and stick with tasks even when they found them challenging."



Structure, Skills, Strategies, Support

Students with AD/HD are vulnerable because AD/HD impacts the portion of the brain that regulates what is known as executive functioning, including attention, planning and organization, prioritization, impulse control, memory, time management and higher-order conceptual thinking — all necessary skills for success in school and in life.

I help students with attention disorders understand how they learn best and introduce them to strategies for attacking their work and sustaining the motivation to power through it. Through coaching we'll also address the issues that can pull students off focus such as poor self esteem or trouble navigating difficult social challenges. Students will develop life skills to help them be happy with who they are and work within the world in a way that supports their unique needs.



Awareness, Strategies, Action

Many people who have grown up with AD/HD have been doing things the same way for so long and, while they realize a lot of their approaches aren't working, they just don't know any other way. These same adults often can only find the energy to do the things they WANT to do and then feel guilt or shame when things slip, believing they are letting themselves or others down.

Does this sound familiar? Coaching can help! Together we can determine the places in your life where you want to see change, understand what stands in your way and, most importantly, discover what will move you forward.

Adults often come to coaching because they constantly feel behind or are managing one area of their life well while another is suffering. Whether you can't get started with that project until the deadline is upon you or you just didn't remember that important meeting until you looked at your planner too late, I can help you untangle your life and uncover the systems that work best for you.



Structure, Understanding, Consistency

I know from personal experience how stressful and painful as well as joyful and wonderful it can be to raise a child with an attention disorder. I am often reminded of the movie Parenthood in which Steve Martin's character compares being a parent to riding a roller coaster. For those parenting a child with unique needs, it can seem full of extra ups and downs. Parent Coaching can help you even out the ride.

Through coaching, I will guide you in creating a home life that bolsters your AD/HD child and supports your entire family. Parents often become overwhelmed and paralyzed, feeling that every issue must be addressed at once. It's easy to get so focused on the AD/HD child's needs that you neglect yourself and other family members.

While your child's behavior may at times appear otherwise, all children want to be good and please their parents. Most importantly, they all want and deserve to be loved for who they are at any given time. Through coaching, you will better understand how AD/HD impacts your particular child and learn to focus first on what matters most. Together we will identify the next steps and strategies to help you find balance and peace, and move your family forward, one step at a time.

About Becky Wheeler

I formed New Focus Coaching, LLC in 2005 as a commitment to improving the lives of those who struggle with AD/HD and related issues. My focus is to help my clients develop important skills and strategies that will help them live more productive, balanced and fulfilling lives.

I received my coaching certification and general coach training through CTI (Coaches Training Institute) and my AD/HD specialized training through JST Coaching and ADD Resources. Memberships in Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD), the Learning Disabilities Association (LDA), and the Learning and the Brain Society help me stay current and expand my knowledge.

I have been honored to give presentations for teacher staff training and development sessions to help teachers more seamlessly support AD/HD and executive function deficits in the classroom. I also have presented at conferences including the Annual International Conference for Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder, as well as the Society of Learning and the Brain. I am proud to be a contributor to the book 365 Ways to Succeed with ADHD, an Amazon #1 bestseller.

Before beginning my coaching practice, I spent 18 years in publishing with Time-Life Books where I helped launch the Custom Publishing division, received the Time-Life Books Award for Excellence, The Time Inc. Entrepreneurial Award, and was appointed to the Future Leaders of Alexandria.

My husband, an architect, and I live in Alexandria, Virginia. My inquisitive AD/HD son is now pursuing his passion for computer science at college. He inspires and impresses me with his tenacity and entertains me with his sense of humor and unique way of looking at life.


I would give ten stars if I could. I was working with several different therapists to help me navigate my adult-diagnosed ADD, and none of them helped me nearly as much as Becky did. She helped me pinpoint exactly where my trouble spots were, and gave me the tools I needed to get "unstuck" and move forward. She is kind, respectful, smart, and insightful.

Paige Totaro

If you are even considering working with a coach, I highly recommend that you do so, and also that you try to work with Becky Wheeler. I first started working with Becky after a difficult professional setback. All I hoped to get out of AD/HD coaching was a new set of skills and structures for improving my executive function. Those skills are only a tiny fragment of what I've gained from Becky's coaching. She is so skilled at asking the important questions, and such an observant and engaged listener, that she helped me see myself and my vision for my life with a clarity that I had never achieved before. It's not an overstatement to say that working with Becky has changed my life for the better. Having a coach is a powerful experience. Having a great coach like Becky is a life-changing one.

Audrey Decker

I’ve worked with Ms Wheeler for several years. She has helped me work effectively towards my goals by helping me stay on target and focused. I highly recommend New Focus Coaching if you have the tendency to become distracted due to any degree of ADD or just lack of organizational skills and need help staying on track.

Luis Aparicio

Becky worked with my daughter for 4 years throughout high school and her freshman year of college. Becky is patient and kind and is fantastic at helping young people learn the executive function skills they need to get ahead in our crazy competitive world. She really gave my daughter the tools and structure she needed for success in both academia and the work world. Becky has great ideas and strategies that she individualizes for each person. I highly recommend her for youth and adults. She is hands down AWESOME!

Mona Lewis

Becky has a rare gift to motivate others. Feedback I receive from parents and adolescents alike is ALWAYS positive.

Karen Beattie, Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Becky has made a huge improvement in our whole family's dynamics. Our son has discovered techniques to keep himself organized, stay current with his school work and overall, feel more confident and in control.

N.C., Mother of High School Student

I feel like coaching is like realigning my car — you help me make sure my wheels are pointed in the right direction and that there's no wobble in the ride. When I first started talking with you, my axles were all screwed up!

I.C., College Freshman

I came to Becky on Saturday mornings and always arrived overwhelmed, but by the time I left I always felt good. I had a plan to attack my homework and we always built in balance time in the day for me as well!

E.D., High School Student

Becky taught me not to be a black-and-white thinker and showed me there were other shades to consider. She challenged me to try on new ways of seeing things. That helped me in school as well as socially.

T.H., Middle School Student

I knew what I needed to do to change but I couldn't quite get the pieces to fit. You helped me make the adjustments needed to bring order from chaos and convert those changes into habits.

K.C., Small Business Owner, Arlington, VA

"What's next?" That's what we always talked about. What's coming up tomorrow, next week or next month? Time to think about what to sign up for next semester? Time to think about getting a summer internship? I spend a little bit every day now thinking about tomorrow.

J.K, College Sophomore

You have no idea how much I trust your judgment… you are making such a difference in my kids' lives. Always grateful.

M.C., Mother of three children with unique learning differences, Alexandria, VA

My husband and I felt like we had tried everything to help our daughter and family but we are so glad we took one more step and hired you as our coach.

L.G., Parent, Alexandria, Va

Getting my goals accomplished feels good. You are a terrific coach, an exceptional resource to me and truly wonderful. Thank You!

P.M., Lawyer, Washington, D.C.

With two homework-laden children, a little one, and a husband who travels often, Becky has been an invaluable asset to our "team."

C.P., Parent, Alexandria, Va

Becky is very perceptive and able to get right to the heart of the issue with her clients.

Jodi-Sleeper Triplett, Internationally known Master Certified Coach & Trainer

Working full-time, caring for our home, my AD/HD son and his little brother were my only priorities. I allowed myself no time to plan ahead, take care of myself or work on my relationship with my husband. Becky's coaching helped me realize that these priorities were creating additional stress on the whole family. She helped me learn how to break down the tasks I face every day and reorder my priorities. She was instrumental in convincing me that it is progress that counts, not perfection. The results for my family have been amazing. My boys are getting the help they need and we have transformed ourselves into the close-knit unit I always wanted us to become.

M.V., Client from Arlington, Virginia

I highly recommend Rebecca. She is a superb life/career coach. She is very personable and knowledgeable. She has helped focus my goals and develop effective methods and techniques to overcome my weaknesses while bringing my strengths to bear.

L.A., Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins, Alexandria, Virginia

For years I have recurring dreams that I am trying to drive a car from either the passenger seat, or from the back. I either can't reach the breaks, can't see out the windshield, or end up going off a cliff. Last week I had a dream I was in the driver's seat! It wasn't an entirely smooth ride yet, but I was driving! What a great feeling -thank you for helping me move forward.

S.R., Teacher, Annandale, VA

Becky is a pleasure to work with and has helped our son develop needed life skills and habits, set personal goals, and maintain more focus! She's flexible, creative, responsive and dedicated.

S.W., Parent, Alexandria, Virginia




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